Parents' Quotes

"When we first began looking for a preschooI we knew we wanted one that was child-centered, with a play based curriculum and teachers that were passionate about early childhood education. I'm so glad we went to the Open House at Orchard Ridge Nursery School and discovered exactly what we were looking for. That was in January 1999 and in the years that followed all four of our children attended ORNS. The sense of community that is fostered at the school stays with the kids and their families. We love ORNS!"

Becky and Sean, Madison

"One of the most anxiety provoking things a parent must do at some point is leave their precious child in the hands of strangers. Because of my tendency to be a worrier and wanting only the best for my children, I really did my research to find a place where I could feel that my 3-year-old daughter would be loved, appreciated, safe, respected and adored. ORNS was said to be and truly is THAT place. Every time I bring my daughter to her class in the morning she is happy to go and when I pick her up she is returned to me nurtured, intellectually stimulated and full of wonder from where she has been. This is truly a magical place filled with kind, caring, loving and well educated staff."

Sally, Madison

"The time the teachers and staff at ORNS take to learn each individual child's needs is amazing. They go above and beyond to make sure everyone feels welcome and comfortable at their home away from home. As a parent, I feel so incredibly lucky to have found a nursery school with such a great sense of family and community."

Tiffany, Middleton

"I love how my son so enthusiastically teaches me things that he learned in school, whether it be a song, sign language, or a detail about dinosaurs that I didn’t know. A child’s reaction is the best judge of a school, but I have to say that Orchard Ridge exudes such a warm, friendly and fun atmosphere that some days I would love to forgo errands and stay there myself! The teachers have a wonderful way of using the natural curiosity of children to guide their lessons. I know that my son is in a safe, loving, accepting environment where he is challenged, engaged and introduced to many interesting things. A child’s first school experience should be one that gets them hooked on school and passionate about learning. Orchard Ridge offers that experience."

Darla, Middleton

"All three of our children have attended Orchard Ridge Nursery School for their preschool years, giving us 8 consecutive years at this amazing school. This year we are participating in the new public 4K program. While 4K is new to the Madison school district, ORNS has already been successfully doing 4K for years. They have always used a child-centered and play-based school curriculum that fosters a love for learning and discovering.

This is a great experience for our daughter and she will be well prepared when she starts kindergarten next year."

Chris, Madison

"We have been so impressed with ORNS's commitment to children's safety when it comes to food allergies. Our son was diagnosed mid-year with multiple, complicated food allergies. The ORNS staff took this very seriously and immediately eliminated or changed classroom materials (wheat-free playdoh, etc.) and worked with us to determine snacks that were safe for him. They have gone to great measures to ensure his safety and have been very happy to do it. When cooking is part of the curriculum, his teachers have consulted us about the menu. It has been wonderful to see our son feel included and able to fully participate in his classroom and school. We are so grateful for the compassionate and thorough ORNS staff. We feel he is safe and incredibly cared for at ORNS. Thank you!"

Andy and Lindsay, Middleton

"Our first child went to a different preschool, but I was never really thrilled with his education there. After hearing multiple friends and acquaintances gushing about Orchard Ridge Nursery School, I decided to schedule a tour and check it out for our second child. To be honest, as a former Kindergarten teacher, I felt like maybe I would never be truly satisfied with any school because my expectations were too high, but any doubts I had melted when I walked into ORNS. Right away, I fell in love with the school, the educational philosophy, and the teachers and staff. Orchard Ridge Nursery School is exactly what preschool should be on every level – the teachers truly love the children, and the environment is so warm and nurturing that the preschoolers can’t help but thrive and grow. The curriculum is incredibly developmentally appropriate, based on learning through play, and the focus is always child-centered."

Katie and Thomas, Madison

"Our family has been involved with ORNS for three years now and I couldn't be happier with our choice in a pre-school. The teachers at ORNS are experts at teaching the skills needed for entering kindergarten while keeping it all so fun! Extended Explorers has also been such a huge help in allowing my 4-year-old to stay for more fun and learning."

Jasmine, Madison