Inside Orns


Classrooms: furnished with child-sized tables, chairs, shelves, restrooms, sinks, stair railings, coat hooks and gym equipment to encourage self-sufficiency.

Indoor gym: allows for large motor exploration during free time as well as adult-led music and movement classes. The gym also provides a space for all-school events, which contributes to the sense of community at ORNS.

Playground: is private and fenced-in. There is a multitude of equipment for exploring, climbing and playing. Shredded rubber tires, grass, and sand cover the ground and create a fun, safe place for children to play.


There are several policies in place at ORNS to ensure the preschool’s environment is as healthy and safe as possible.

  • Classrooms are disinfected twice a day with child-safe, non-toxic cleaning products.

  • Children wash their hands when they arrive at school and at other key points during the day to reduce the spread of germs.

  • Well-balanced, healthy snacks are provided by the preschool.

  • A strict peanut-free and tree nut-free policy is in place and all other food allergies are accommodated by providing an alternative snack option.

  • All staff are trained in CPR, first aid and universal precautions.

  • All staff and parent volunteers undergo appropriate background checks.

  • Children are taught only adults may open doors and gates at ORNS.

  • All outside doors are security locked; entrance codes are changed each semester.