A Day at Orns


During meeting time, each class gathers to make plans and discuss special activities for the day and teachers introduce new concepts. Depending on the age of the group, children may do daily graphing activities, discuss the weather, or discuss what is going on in the children's lives outside of school.


Children are encouraged to independently and collaboratively explore during free play time. Teachers carefully prepare each classroom with developmentally appropriate learning centers, daily projects and activities that support the children's current interests. Teachers spend their time working one-on-one in small groups to encourage learning as the children play. The teachers also help children with social problem solving and ask open ended questions to make play and learning come alive.


Group time gives children the opportunity to gather to hear a story, play a group game, sing songs, ask questions, listen to children read their own stories, make music with instruments, do finger plays, and plan future activities. Teachers help children build on what they know and focus on the evolving interests of the group. Children are read to every day.


Before sitting down for a family-style snack provided by the school, children wash their hands and help prepare the table for one another. They pour their own water to drink and serve themselves their own snack. During this time, children talk with each other and the teacher, practice table manners and learn about sharing and passing food.


Children at ORNS spend time outside each day, weather permitting. The playground has several slides, monkey bars, tunnels and other equipment appealing to young children.


Each classroom spends twenty minutes running, laughing and playing in the gym each day. The physical environment, including ride-on toys, balls, large blocks and climbing structures, is changed every week by a parent helper. Teachers also facilitate music and movement activities during gym time. At ORNS, we believe that large motor skill development is an important part of the children’s day.