About Orns


Our commitment to quality education is evident in the smiling faces of our children and our high teacher retention rate. All together the staff has been teaching for over 195 years! Our director has a Master's degree In Early Childhood Education and all of our teachers and staff have bachelor degrees. Throughout the school year, staff participate in continuing education to further their knowledge about child development and early childhood education.


Through play-based learning, preschool children actively participate, investigate, discover, play and explore while the teachers at ORNS act as mentors. As a result, each child's learning experience is more personalized and meaningful while receiving the support and guidance he/she individually needs.

Choosing a play-based preschool like ORNS is important. Research shows that young children learn best when playing. A play-based curriculum helps preschoolers become critical thinkers and problem-solvers. In a study of fourth grade children, those who attended play-based preschools where children often initiated their own activities had better academic performance than those who attended academic-oriented preschools.*

* Rae Pica, A Running Start (New York: Marlowe & Company, 2006)


ORNS provides a safe and caring learning community where children have the opportunity to be the best they can be.

  • CLASSROOM COMMUNITY: children develop a true sense of belonging in their classroom community with one teacher and small group sizes in a building built just for preschoolers

  • ACADEMICS and 4K: teachers meet children's intellectual needs by planning activities and setting up learning environments based on the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards

  • TEACHABLE MOMENTS: children learn as they play with the support of reflective teachers who make learning come alive

  • SOCIAL PROBLEM SOLVING: children learn how to negotiate with friends and adults throughout their day

  • SELF HELP SKILLS: children develop self-confidence and independence when they organize backpacks, wash hands, pour drinks, serve themselves snacks and dress for outdoor fun

  • COMMUNICATIONS: children learn how to use words effectively, and just as importantly, they learn how to be good listeners too

  • FEELINGS AND EMPATHY: children learn appropriate ways to express how they feel and develop an understanding of others as well

  • ART, MUSIC AND CREATIVE DRAMATICS: children draw, paint, sing, dance, pretend, imagine and explore their world in a variety of ways

  • PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT: children develop stronger fine and gross motor skills by participating in activities such as coloring, cutting, jumping and running every day


Licensed by: State of Wisconsin
Accredited by: City of Madison
Curriculum based on: Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards